Norma: 7mm Saum Brass, 100/Box


Norma is known around the world for making very high quality precision components. Brass is an often overlooked, yet extremely important part of the rifle cartridge. The case neck is annealed to become softer. This mitigates gas leaks and makes for a case that will last for a very long time. Underneath the neck/shoulder the case is not annealed. This is because the much softer annealed portion of the case would stretch and not last very long. The picture below shows the different harnesses of the case. The case head and primer pocket are nearly twice as hard as the neck. At the annealing, small grains become bigger and the hardness decreases.




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    7 SAUM Norma Brass

    Brass is top drawer. Sorted by weight, 1/2 of one per cent either way of average. NO REJECTS. No blems of any kind.

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    No factory packaging...

    Just an FYI...I placed my first orders ever from MHS as two separate orders a couple of weeks apart for Norma 7mm SAUM Brass. I received two shipments, both arrived as loose brass in a plain shipping box - no factory packaging. It made me wonder if what I actually received was leftover brass after folks picked over the weights to extract all the close-weight grain matching casings? I'll post another review after I have a chance to process for length and weight them for overall weight distribution. My benefit of the doubt is, no...that MHS simply un-package Norma brass and ship in smaller, more economical boxes...

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    Good bulk brass

    Wish it could have been cheaper came as part of a bulk pac. Not factory boxes. Could have passed on the savings.
    O well bagger can't get a brake

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    7mm SAUM BRASS

    Exactly what I ordered!