Tab Gear BS: Barrel Sleeve

TAB GEAR : Barrel Sleeve - CB

Padded barrel sleever for all of you with either the new Accuracy International AXMC or the AT, or for those of us with extra barrels that are looking for a storage solution to keeps the barrels safe and skuff free.


36.5 inches long with fold over top to keep the barrel from sliding out

2.75 inches wide

Up to 29" Barrels


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    DT barrel fitting

    I bought the sleeve hoping I’d fit my barrels. Initially it was VERY tight and I was apprehensive if I couldn’t extract it.

    I found if I pushed in a PVC sch40 (1”id) pipe and left it in overnight, it expanded it enough to fit my barrel (1.25” shank) with a 1.375” brake easily.

    Now it fits snug, but slides out! Great product!

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    Great idea for multi caliber guns

    This is a great idea for owners of multi caliber guns needing to transport multiple barrels at one time. I typically don't need/use these sleeves because i usually don't move multiple barrels at one time, but when i do, I am glad i have these sleeves. I am able to transport the barrels with the tunderbeast muzzle devices attached with no problems.

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    Excellent Idea...

    These barrel sleeves are a fantastic idea and the TAB quality is very high as expected. The only thing is that they are a bit tight. I like to leave my AI muzzle brakes attached to the barrel and if you do that, they are very tight. If they made the inside diameter an inch bigger or so, they would work better. Great product idea for sure.